>> So, congressman, you wrote on Twitter and said publicly in el Paso, President Trump’s racism does not just offend our sensibilities it changes the character of this country and leads to violence. Now, the document that this terrorist in El Paso that law enforcement is investigating whether he posted this document which refers to Latinos comes to the country as an invasion which you noted is language that we’ve heard from the president of the United States. It also says, and I know — it is hard to make sense of any of this tough. But it also said that he had this ideology before President Trump and anticipated, assuming this document is real, the alleged terrorist anticipated people would blame President Trump for it and said I felt this way before President Trump.

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>> I don’t know the point that you’re trying to make here, Jake, but it is pretty obvious to me and anyone who listened to the president and look at the facts that his anti-immigrant rhetoric, not just the things that I cited, but calling asylum-seekers animal or an infestation. You may describe a cockroach or termites as an infestation or something less than human or someone in the third richt as a infestation or sub human but that is what the president of the United States is doing and it is not just with Mexican immigrants, conflating Ilhan Omar with the immigrants from 9/11 and encouraging the chanting in North Carolina of send her back. Let’s not mince words right now. This president is encouraging greater racism and not just the racist rhetoric but the violence that so often follows. This shooter in the manifesto cites in part for his inspiration the shooter in christchurch New Zealand who cites Donald Trump as his inspiration. This anti-immigrant rhetoric, and again it is not just President Trump, but he’s certainly as the person in the position of greatest public trust in power most responsible for it, this is Fox News, this is what we’re seeing on the Internet, this is the toleration of intolerance and racism in this country, and this is what we’re seeing here today and it will continue to happen unless we call it out and unless we change it.