Beto O’Rourke on Gun Confiscation: ‘This Is Constitutionally Sound’



TODD: “You heard at one time, I believe, it was vice president Biden offered up and he said don’t forget the Constitution. So let me ask it this way. What is your interpretation of what the Second Amendment allows and what the Second Amendment does not allow?”

O’ROURKE: “I’ll put it this way. This is something that we’re able to do through the commerce clause and this is something that is not prevented from — wouldn’t prevent the united States from doing by the Second Amendment. So this is constitutionally sound. This is absolutely necessary if we care about the lives of our fellow Americans. And here’s something I want to tell you. Going to a gun show in Conway, Arkansas, stopping at a buc-ees in Katy, Texas, yesterday, listening to owners of ar-15s, Republicans, who come up and say, you know what, I own one of these guns, don’t need it to hunt, don’t need it for self-defense. This is the right thing to do and I would gladly give it up because I also have kids in school and fear for their safety or I have grandkids and want to make sure the country is safe for them. So not only is this constitutionally sound, there’s support beyond the Democratic Party to include Republicans, Independents, gun owners and non-gun owners alike to do the right thing.”

TODD: “Very quickly, I am curious that you’ve gotten a lot more attention for saying what you did. You were supporting mandatory buybacks before but now you’re getting this focus because of how you said it. There’s been some coverage of you recently going, hey, congressman O’rourke is in his blanket stage, you know, referring to the fact that you will curse occasionally on the stump. Do you find it a bit frustrating that it takes sometimes thee at ck — theatrics to get the attention of the press corps and the American public?”

O’ROURKE: “I think what people wanting us to do and what I’m trying to do in this campaign is just to see things as clearly as I possibly can and speak as honestly as I possibly can without triangulating or polling or focus group testing what the message is. Just call this out for what it is, absolutely wrong and unacceptable that we have people killed in this way in our communities and people living in fear in America today. I reject that fear, and I want to go forward with a bold, ambitious proposal to make sure that we’re safe in our communities, safe in our homes, safe in America again.”

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