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REPORTER: “On your guns proposal on assault weapons, I’m curious how you’d seek to implement that and would you support criminal penalties for non-compliance discord server bild herunterladen? And what do you make of the fact that some of your rivals are coming up with that idea or are open to that?”

O’ROURKE: “Yeah, I think that’s a great sign 360 total security herunterladen. And I will add that gun owners, Republicans, non-gun owners, Democrats alike, have been approaching me, telling me they support this proposal. We had a guy in with Bill, first question that was asked, he said, ‘I’m an AR-15 owner and I would gladly give it up or destroy it or sell it to the government if that’s what helps make us safer.’ Being at a gun show in Conway, Arkansas and having people who are selling AR-15s and AK-47s, some of whom would disagree with me but are willing to have a conversation, others agreed windows 7 on windows 10 for free. ‘I’ll say I’m a Trump supporter, but if selling this back is helpful in reducing gun violence, then I’m all for it. I’ve got three kids in school as well and I want to make sure they’re safe and not afraid to go to school on Monday.’ I would expect Americans to comply with the law and we’re seeing some good indications that would be the case herunterladen. In Texas there was a story about a man coming forward and giving his AR-15 to the police department though he legally purchased it and legally owns it and is responsible about its use and care, he understands there’s no reason to have a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield in his home instagram foto's downloaden mac. So he gave it to the police department. So we expect Americans to follow the law.”

REPORTER: “Just a quick follow-up on that, though. There have been questions about the logistics of that downloaden videos kostenlos. So sort of step by step, are you talking about local law enforcement, state law enforcement or even federal law enforcement going door to door, going to individuals who may have banned firearms saying, ‘Hey, give us your guns, it’s illegal?’”

O’ROURKE: “No, I don’t see law enforcement going door to door herunterladen. I see Americans complying with the law. I see us working with gun owners, non-gun owners, local, county, state, federal law enforcement to come up with the best possible solutions bs follow. I have yet to meet an owner of an AR-15 who thinks it’s okay that we have these kinds of mass killings in this country.”