Senator Bernie Sanders privately reached out to Rep. Ilhan Omar despite the congresswoman getting hit from both sides of the political aisle for a series of anti-Semitic messages app where you can movies for free.

Sanders, who is Jewish, reportedly spoke with Omar as she battles through a controversy that has included references to Israel as “evil”, comparisons of Israel to Iran, repeated anti-Semitic tropes, and support of the anti-Semitic BDS movement free youtube music online.

It has even progressed to badgering a Jewish diplomat spiele pc herunterladen seriös.

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The Daily Beast reports that the Vermont senator reached out “to offer his support amid criticism from both Democrats and Republicans,” even in spite of the fact that prominent liberals, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chelsea Clinton, have blasted her for blatant anti-Semitism alle links herunterladen.


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“I talked to Ilhan last night to give her my personal support,” Sanders was quoted as saying during a conference call hosted by James Zogby herunterladen. “We will stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Is Omar Sorry?

Omar had issued an apology for her latest anti-Semitic rants, but it was met with some skepticism kompletten youtube kanal downloaden.

“I unequivocally apologize,” she said in a statement adding, “at the same time, I reaffirm the problematic role of lobbyists in our politics, whether it be AIPAC, the NRA, or the fossil fuel industry herunterladen. It’s gone on too long and we must be willing to address it.”

So … Sorry, not sorry?

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President Trump ripped her apology, calling it “lame” and saying Omar “should be ashamed of herself.”


Bernie, however, seems to be content with her hollow apology Download the app for free.

Not a Surprise

Omar’s anti-Semitism should be a surprise to absolutely nobody. The aforementioned tweet in which she said Israel had “hypnotized the world” and called the nation “evil” was published over six years ago.


She has, on multiple occasions – quantified at best, defended at worst – the actions of ISIS terrorists.

About a year ago, Jewish leaders in Minnesota approached Omar about her anti-Semitic rants.

“Tropes, dog whistles — call them what you will,” one state senator recalled. “We explained to her how hurtful, and factually inaccurate, they were.”

“Frankly, I was hopeful she’d grow in office a little, and understand the media platform she has,” he added. “Instead, she keeps repeating her mistakes, if you can call them that.”

They happen so often, it’s difficult to define them as innocent mistakes any longer. Is Sanders okay with his “Muslim brothers and sisters” continually making these statements, whether innocent slips of the tongue or if they actually mean them?

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