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Bernie Sanders Once Admitted That Government-Run Health Care Would ‘Bankrupt the Nation’

In 1988, Bernie Sanders admitted that a single-payer health care system like the one he is proposing would cost an “astronomical” amount of money and “bankrupt the nation.” 

When asked to explain his comments by Chuck Todd in 2017, Bernie Sanders dodged the question. He knows that his single-payer health care scheme will drastically cut the quality of care: bernie sanders health care

  • Fox News: “The single-payer plans promoted by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would sharply reduce payments to doctors… The decline in reimbursement will act as a disincentive to physicians and health systems to create quality care.”
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Sanders’ plan would inevitably require price controls and rationing, leading to reduced quality and poorer health outcomes:

  • WSJ: “Such government rationing and price controls on drugs are one major reason that countries with socialized medicine…have lower cancer survival rates than the U.S. The age-adjusted cancer mortality rate is about 20% higher in the U.K and 10% higher in Canada and France than in the U.S.”

While Bernie Sanders would raise taxes, eliminate private health plans, and cut the quality of Americans’ health care, President Trump is fighting for a health care system that preserves patient choice, ensures price transparency, lowers prescription drug costs, and protects people with pre-existing conditions. 

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  1. Well is this the party that supports Communism? Since Joe got in office he says one thing and does another. Under obumer we were told making solar panels would pay good. The Local College even put a wing on the school. Many spent a fortune getting an associates in Chemical engineering. Then the factory closed. Dont the lies seam similar?

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