Bernie Sanders Lectures Americans On How to Live – He’s A Wealthy, Fossil Fuel-Guzzling Millionaire

Bernie Sanders is lecturing the American people that they need to pay more in taxes, surrender their private health insurance plans, and accept job losses in order to implement his extreme, left-wing agenda. bernie sanders millionaire
But he’s just another Hollywood-style hypocrite who demands working-class Americans make sacrifices while he plays by his own rules and enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

But Sanders isn’t a celebrity at the Oscars or Golden Globes—he’s the Democrats’ leading candidate for president!

Bernie Sanders claims he’s fighting for working-class Americans, but opposes the new USMCA trade deal because it doesn’t mention climate change.

  • The USMCA would provide a major boost to farmers and manufacturers while supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs in states like Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Bernie Sanders rails against the wealthy—but he’s a millionaire who owns three houses and relies on big corporations he attacks.

  • Sanders routinely attacks Amazon, but reportedly spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars on Amazon office products last year.
  • Washington Post: “That’s why impassioned dissent erupted within the Sanders campaign earlier this year over its purchases of large amounts of supplies through Amazon[.]”

Bernie Sanders claims climate change is a national emergency, but loves to fly on fossil fuel-powered private jets. 

  • Sanders plans to use “private jets to ferry him from Washington to early-voting states and back” in the coming weeks to show up for a Senate impeachment trial.

Bernie Sanders attacks ‘dark money’ and  super PACs, but benefits from a ‘dark money’ nonprofit he founded that courts wealthy donors and boosts Sanders’ campaign. 

  • AP: “Like a super PAC … Our Revolution can raise unlimited sums from wealthy patrons that dwarf the limits faced by candidates and conventional PACs. Unlike a super PAC, however, the group doesn’t have to disclose its donors — a stream of revenue commonly referred to as ‘dark money.’”

Via Donald J. Trump for President bernie sanders millionaire

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