Bernie Sanders’ extreme open-borders agenda will take jobs and wages away from the hard-working Americans he claims to fight for annabel herunterladen. bernie sanders illegal aliens

Bernie Sanders was confronted in New Hampshire by a voter over his sell-out embrace of open borders at the expense of working-class Americans notenen legal.

Sanders once agreed that illegal immigration drives down wages herunterladen. If “open borders” advocates got their way, he once said, it would “substantially lower wages in this country.”

Nevertheless, Sanders has now fully embraced the radical open borders agenda he once criticized that puts illegal immigrants ahead of hardworking Americans:

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Is Trump going to win in 2020?


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Bernie has sold out. Like the rest of the 2020 Democrat field, he is prioritizing the needs of illegal aliens over working-class Americans. He even plans to tax American families making as little as $29,000 a year to pay for free health care for illegal immigrants golfspiel kostenlos downloaden.

Meanwhile, President Trump is leading with pro-growth, America-First policies that are delivering historic gains for working-class Americans:

While President Trump is keeping his promise to put American workers first, Bernie Sanders would rather open our borders at the expense of hard-working Americans’ jobs and paychecks. 

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