As we reported yesterday, New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo announced a politically motivated travel ban to North Carolina because of the state’s stance on laws governing alleged LGBT discrimination.

In that report, we analyzed Cuomo’s hypocrisy on banning travel to North Carolina, while gleefully accepting invitations to tour Communist and LGBT unfriendly Cuba.

Cuomo doubled down on the hypocrisy yesterday however, announcing a plan to visit China in November to “strengthen the state’s business and cultural ties with the two countries.”

Somebody might want to inform the governor that LGBT discrimination in China is slightly worse than in North Carolina.

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Via AFP:

The Communist government only decriminalised homosexuality in 1997, and listed it as a mental illness for another four years.

More recently tolerance has grown in larger Chinese cities, but conservative attitudes remain deeply engrained and workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians was common.

Further, there is no anti-discrimination provision for sexual orientation or gender identity under the Chinese Labour Law.

Outright Action International writes, “Discrimination against LGBT people continues to be written into many different areas of law in China.”

They add, “LGBT people in China largely lack legal recognition and legal protections.”

While North Carolina simply blocked local legislation that would have allowed anybody who wishes to identify as another sex on any given day to use a bathroom of their choice, China’s discrimination against transgendered individuals is much worse.

Outright Action International explains that the “transgendered community also faces particular difficulties in obtaining employment” and they face “serious levels of police harassment in China.”

Neither of those things – Employment discrimination or police harassment – are legal or prevalent in North Carolina.

If Governor Cuomo were serious about human rights, he’d ban travel to China – starting with his own.