President Obama has gotten himself in trouble with this type of thing before, but a recent news clip of the First Family shows each member walking past a saluting Marine – and ignoring him completely!

The clip was posted to Facebook by Wally Crowder who wrote, “I just watched this man we call POTUS coming back from vacation and walk right past the Marine saluting him.”

Crowder called the lack of respect “utterly rude.”


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Returning salute to Marines watching over him is not a requirement, since the President is an out of uniform civilian, but it has been a long-standing tradition dating back to the great Ronald Reagan.

Reagan had asked Gen. Robert Barrow, then commandant of the Marine Corps, if it would be okay to salute the military. Barrow responded that, as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, he was entitled to offer any sign of respect he so desired.

Crowder wrote, “Whether it is required or not required of the president a simple nod, wink or acknowledgement is respectful” before adding “the POTUS has no class at all.”

Then of course, there was the famous ‘latte salute’ when Obama dismissively saluted a Marine while still holding his coffee cup.


Not to mention the time he forced a Marine to hold an umbrella over his head during the storm of the century a light drizzle.