Despite multiple camera angles, 911 tapes, and interviews with over 30 witnesses – some of whom were African-American – the three women accused of fabricating a race crime continue to claim they are the true victims because of their skin color imovie kostenlos herunterladen.

Asha Burwell, a SUNY Albany student who has been charged with assault and falsely reporting an incident by David Soares, the black District Attorney for Albany County, is doubling down on being the supposed victim of racism barlow fonten.

Burwell and her friends claimed they were beaten by up to 2o white people who were shouting racial slurs

A letter issued on her behalf by her attorneys, claims the University is “seek(ing) a pound of flesh” and says they’re about to “perform an academic lynching.”

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The letter (seen here) is signed onto by the attorney of Ariel Agudio as well, on her behalf herunterladen. Agudio was caught on 911 tapes saying that the supposed race crime was “funny” because she “beat up a boy” and knocked “three b**ches down.”

One of the women Agudio assaulted suffered a cervical sprain and bruising, while one of the men was hit nearly 10 ten times in the face without fighting back where you can books for free.

In the opening statement, the women’s attorneys claim that “the University at Albany must now be called the University of Injustice.”

They later add that “The real crime now is that the University is serving as the charging party against its own students in the criminal courts.”

The women, according to this letter, are the true victims of “abuse and injustice.”

It concludes, “Any person of good conscience and average intellect must object to the University using its internal process to manufacture and perform an academic lynching.”

Everything – EVERYTHING – is about race with these women, even when they’ve been caught lying auf ipad filme downloaden.

According to TWC News, the group known as Capital Area Against Mass Incarceration has planned a protest at SUNY Albany to coincide with the Student Conduct Hearing being held for these three women photoshop programme kostenlos downloaden.

This is the same group who, in conjunction with an upstate New York Black Lives Matter Organization, issued a letter of support for the women saying despite having allegedly fabricated a hate crime, “We’ve got your back.”

You can read more about this case, which we’ve covered extensively, by clicking here happy herunterladen.