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Attorney Behind Trump Harassment Case Gets Hit With Her Own Lawsuit

Gloria Allred, the celebrity attorney representing a woman in a case against President Trump for alleged sexual harassment, has been sued for fraud and legal malpractice.

The case involves Kyle Hunter, a meteorologist who hired Allred after claiming CBS discriminated against him by hiring ‘younger, attractive female meteorologists.’

Hunter contends that Allred was filming a documentary with CBS at the time of his own case, something he contends is a conflict of interest.

Via Law Newz:

A former client of Gloria Allred has filed a lawsuit against the celebrity attorney for legal malpractice and fraud, claiming she negligently represented him during a case. Kyle Hunter, a local television weatherman, hired Allred to go after CBS for allegedly discriminating against him in favor of younger, attractive female meteorologists. His lawsuit filed on Tuesday contends Allred botched his legal case, and didn’t properly notify him that she was working with CBS to produce a legal drama inspired by her life — an obvious conflict of interest, he claims.

“As Allred negotiated in secret a TV deal for herself with CBS during the Hunter lawsuit, the malpractice in her handling of the case led to a near- seven-figure legal bill for Hunter, a sunk suit against CBS, and an impaired reputation for Hunter,” the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior County, reads.

The lawsuit claims that Allred told Hunter that he had contacted witnesses “but Hunter knew that was a lie. These witnesses were Hunter’s friends, people he had worked with for years, and they told him they were not contacted.”

The court paperwork includes this gem of a statement about Allred’s alleged ethical lapse: “Allred needs to spend less time in front of a TV camera, and more time in an ethics library.”


Last month, reports surfaced that Allred was being investigated by the State Bar of California for potential misconduct. That case was taken over by the State Bar’s Enforcement Unit which, according to the California Bar website takes place “If it appears … that the attorney may be a repeat offender or have committed a violation where there is a serious likelihood of discipline being imposed.”

Allred is involved in a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump on behalf of a former Apprentice contestant who claimed the President groped her.

With Allred’s own legal issues mounting, she may need to hire a good lawyer for her own defense.

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