Watch: Astorino Rips Governor Cuomo For Playing the Race Card

On Monday, the State Democratic Committee got deep in the mud, running ads attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino for his role in a housing dispute with the federal government.  The dispute surrounds a 2009 agreement that settled a 2006 lawsuit, and has federal officials alleging that Westchester County, where Astorino has served as an Executive, misrepresented its efforts to provide desegretated public housing.  

Never letting facts get in the way of a good smear campaign, Democrats are running the ads despite this bit of information:

It’s worth noting that the original suit and federal rebuke concerned the county’s actions under former County Executive Andrew Spano, who (was) Astorino’s opponent, (and who) Gov. Andrew Cuomo, just appointed to the state Board of Elections.

The GOP released the following statement regarding Governor Cuomo and the Democrat party’s smear tactics:

That didn’t take long.

Earlier this week, Andrew Cuomo’s State Democratic Party released a pair of advertisements that effectively call Rob Astorino a racist.  

In politics, cries of “racism” are often the last refuge of scoundrels.  For Andrew Cuomo to direct his Democratic Party to smear Rob Astorino with such an ugly label is shameful, desperate and totally unworthy of our great state and its Governor.

In the video below, Rob Astorino responds, directly challenging Andrew Cuomo to a debate on the issue.  Will Andrew Cuomo respond, or will he continue to take the coward’s way out, staying silent while the surrogates he hides behind level vicious, dirty attacks?

Watch the video…

How Dare You, Governor from Rob Astorino on Vimeo.

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