Astorino Opts His Kids Out of Common Core Testing

Republican candidate for Governor, Rob Astorino, released a video statement today in which he announced his own children have been opted out of Common Core testing.

Via the Times Union:

If nothing else, it’s a way for Rob Astorino to differentiate himself: The GOP gubernatorial candidate on Monday released a video statement saying his kids will be among those who will opt out of the controversial and oft-criticized Common Core-based exams. Astorino has brought up Common Core — or “the Cuomo Common Core test,” as he puts it — as one of several election issues he’s planning to hammer the governor with.

To head off some of these criticisms, Cuomo has in recent months distanced himself from the Board of Regents and called the Common Core implementation “flawed” and ripe for a slowdown. To that end, the state budget includes provisions that would bar districts from depending primarily on Common Core tests to determine a student’s advancement. Teachers, however, will still have the tests count in their annual assessments.

Astorino notes that his wife is a special ed teacher, and says that the adoption of Common Core will make local schools “centralized organs of the federal government” and turn students into guinea pigs for a scheme dreamed up by Bill Gates (“the computer guy”).

Here is the video announcement from Astorino:

Meanwhile, our child’s school asked parents to write a note of encouragement to their kids regarding the upcoming Common Core testing.  Here’s what we wrote…


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