Just when you thought the political circus in New York couldn’t descend any further into a parody of the Jerry Springer show, along comes a press conference complete with multiple accusations of fondling, comments about Jews, and discussions of sex with multiple partners free skype windows 7.

A little background on this.  Eliot Spitzer was recently caught at a campaign event with former Democrat council candidate, Thomas Lopez-Pierre.  To his credit, Spitzer’s camp claims they didn’t know Lopez-Pierre was in attendance and did not recognize him herunterladen.

Lopez-Pierre is a vile, anti-Semitic, racist.  In January, he sent a public e-mail which referred to a supporter of his opponent as “an Uncle Tom n***** b****”, threatened to “b**** slap” him, and proceeded to charge him with providing sexual favors to “white/Jewish” men nintendo 3ds spiele auf sd karte downloaden.

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A true class act.

But when Spitzer claims he didn’t know Lopez-Pierre was there, one has to beleive him.  Why?  Because Scott Stringer, Spitzer’s opponent for City Comptroller, held a press conference to denounce the association with Lopez-Pierre.  And as they railed against Spitzer for having “embraced individuals who are hate mongers”, that same hate monger was standing directly behind them throughout the presser musik kostenlos herunterladen für iphone.

Here is a picture of him standing behind a woman at the press conference (courtesy of Politicker):


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The Stringer camp had been punk’d herunterladen.

And that’s when things got markedly worse.

Via the New York Post:

As the news conference started, Lopez-Pierre lined up with community activists and lawmakers printed font for free.

Suddenly, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal exclaimed, “Stop grabbing my ass! Get off me!”

A community supporter then chimed in, “Hey, stop feeling up on her office 365 download op mac! What is your problem? I thought you didn’t even like Jews.”

The married Lopez-Pierre replied, “What are you talking about? Two of my girlfriends I’m having sex with now are Jewish!”

“He was touching my butt and whispering to me, ‘Oh, this is turning me on!’ ” Rosenthal later explained o2 is not working. “Can you believe him?”

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Actually, we can.  Lopez-Pierre has been accused of running a “glorified brothel” and in previous interviews spoke in great length about his wife’s “tight butt.”

Good to see civility ruling the day in New York City politics