Assemblyman Jim Tedisco has blasted state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia for launching a “goon squad” to intimidate parents who choose to opt their children out of Common Core testing.

Via Politico New York:

A Schenectady County Republican is accusing state education commissioner MaryEllen Elia of sending out a “goon squad” and of “pouring salt in a very gushing wound” with her proposed crackdown on the growing opt-out movement.

“She hasn’t shown that she’s listened,” Assemblyman Jim Tedisco told POLITICO New York. “What she’s doing is, I think, infuriate those who have been disappointed in the past. She’s pouring salt in a very gushing wound.”

A staggering 20% of students in New York opted out of Common Core testing this past year, a clear sign that parents do indeed know that the arbitrary standardized testing is not what’s best for their children.

Elia garnered significant heat for repeatedly insinuating that parents who are opting their children out of Common Core testing simply don’t understand what’s good for them or their children.

She also threatened them, teachers, and schools with legal action.

“There are ramifications that can occur,” she warned.  “I’m not saying what will occur, I’m just saying there are.”

Last week, Elia expanded on that threat, demanding “Listen, it’s the law.”

To enforce that law, she has assembled a ‘tool kit’ to force parents to understand that she knows what’s best for their children.  That ‘tool kit’ will include a legal team to help school districts re-educate teachers and parents on the Common Core curriculum.