Assemblyman Arrested For Stealing Campaign Funds Says He’s Actually Owed Money

A Democrat lawmaker has been charged with improperly billing his campaign for over $40,000 in personal expenses, but says he’s innocent and in fact, the state owes him some more money.

Assemblyman William Scarborough was shackled and facing a 23-count indictment this morning from state officials.


A state assemblyman from New York City has been charged by authorities with using his campaign funds for personal expenses.

William Scarborough, a 68-year-old Queens Democrat, was shackled and wearing a suit Wednesday morning when he pleaded not guilty in Albany County Court to charges of grand larceny and filing false campaign documents.

The 23-count indictment accuses him of taking his campaign funds and spending the money on his personal expenses.

Scarborough has been accused improperly claiming “per diem” expenses in excess of $40,000 for travel that didn’t take place.  If convicted on all charges, he faces up to 37 years in prison.

The Democrat also found himself facing federal charges in the afternoon.

Via the Times Union:

Fresh off pleading not guilty to state charges earlier in the day, Assemblyman William Scarborough again pleaded not guilty Wednesday afternoon, this time to 11 counts leveled against him by federal prosecutors.

The Queens Democrat was charged with seven counts of wire fraud and four counts of theft concerning a program receiving federal funds.

Scarborough and his attorney spoke with the media briefly and actually said he’s such a charitable guy that he didn’t even file some per diems and that the state actually owes him money.

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Scarborough had his home and offices raided in March, when he claimed that it was simply a misunderstanding of the Assembly voucher system that led to the investigation.


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