Overburdened Taxpayers Being Nickled and Dimed Out of New York State

Hurts Working Poor Hardest; Environmental Benefits a Myth

New York–February 2nd…The New York Republican State Committee today called on the Democratic-controlled State Assembly to follow the lead of the Senate and kill the New York City bag tax slated to take effect later this month.
The disposable bag tax, supported by Mayor de Blasio and passed by the New York City Council, adds a five cent fee to every bag–plastic or paper–that consumers will be forced to pay. New Yorkers already pay the highest taxes in the nation and the state is losing more of its residents than any other state.
Mayor de Blasio has claimed environmental benefits as the reasoning for the tax, but both plastic and paper bags are 100% recyclable and make up less than 2% of the City’s waste stream. Studies also show 90% of people reuse plastic bags for other household purposes.
Last month, the State Senate passed a bill that would prohibit the City’s fee from going into effect, and the movement gained further steam this week when Bertha Lewis, one of the principle founders of the leftist Working Families Party voiced opposition to the tax, calling it abominable, does nothing to help the environment and would disproportionately impact the poor, seniors and people of color.
“Taxpayers are dying a death of a thousand cuts,” said NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox. “New Yorkers already pay the highest taxes in the nation and Bill de Blasio is trying to squeeze every last nickel out of them. It’s not often Bertha Lewis and I are on the same side of an issue, but on this we agree. This tax hurts the working poor the most and the Assembly should follow the Senate and pass a bipartisan bill to block it before it takes effect.”