AP reporter Julie Pace appeared on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC and made a statement that the rest of us were already thinking. Pace claims that the media sees principles in other Democrat candidates, but when it comes to Hilliary Clinton, they don’t know “what her message is” or “why she’s running for President.”

In fact, Pace essentially states that at least somebody like Elizabeth Warren has principles paper.io.

Watch the comments – they’re sure to leave a mark on Hillary’s ego…

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Via the Free Beacon:

“Elizabeth Warren is actually saying what nobody else in the Democratic Party on the Senate floor would say,” Scarborough said herunterladen.

“And she’s saying something, at least,” Pace said. “One of the issues with Clinton is we’re not exactly sure what her message is, why she’s running for president.”

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So if the media can’t figure out what she stands for, we’ll have to pose the question to our readers moodle download all charges.

What is Hillary’s message? Why is she running? Share your thoughts below…

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