AOC Gives a ‘Shoutout to My Fellow Radicals’ While Sporting a $58 ‘Tax the Rich’ Shirt


AOC gave a “shout out” to her “fellow radicals” on Instagram this week while preparing a meal from Whole Foods in a $58 shirt saying ‘tax the rich.’

Ocasio-Cortez: “Shoutout to my fellow radicals in the United States who believe crazy things like a full-time job should be enough for you to live and believe in crazy radical things like if you kill someone there shouldn’t be impunity. And also who believe really crazy radical things like you should get a stimulus check without having to bail out a corporation for it. Or that you should get a stimulus check without your employer, you know, if you work for one of these huge conglomerate employers sending you in harm’s way and being completely immune from any accountability for it.”

“You know, shoutout to my fellow radicals who think that we should live in a humane advanced society and that we shouldn’t be under the thumb of a $7 minimum wage and racist systems. Because, I don’t know, that just benefits the people who already are in power to be in power. So, you know, shoutout to my radicals.”

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