While the mainstream media is clutching to the ‘fake news’ narrative allegedly helping to carry Donald Trump to victory in the presidential election, one very interesting twist has popped up.

A man who created an anti-Hillary fake news website admits that he voted in the 2016 election … for Hillary Clinton.

Why? Much like the woman he voted for, he was motivated by money.

Jestin Coler explained that one story in particular – involving the supposed murder-suicide of  an FBI agent investigating the Clinton Foundation – netted him $8,000.

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Via Grabien:

The man behind some of the biggest “fake news” of the 2016 election season  — such as the supposed murder-suicide involving an FBI agent investigating the Clinton Foundation, which media outlets like BuzzFeed later blamed on affecting voter behavior — has revealed himself.

But he’s also revealed an even bigger secret: He’s himself a Hillary supporter.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff, Jestin Coler talked about how circulating fictional news accounts became “addictive.”

But why would a Hillary voter publish fictional articles that portray Clinton badly?

To make money — and lots of it.

It wasn’t simply an article here or there that brought in thousands for Coler. He is listed as the founder and CEO of a company called Disinfomedia, which owns several ‘fake news’ sites.

The misinformation peddled by Coler was so prevalent that NPR referred to him as the ‘Godfather’ of the fake news industry, outing him as a liberal California Democrat.

Coler doesn’t feel guilty about spreading misinformation about Hillary, however. Instead he blames the mainstream media.

“You should have been talking about it years ago,” he chastised.

Liberal websites like Vox and BuzzFeed have blamed “hyper partisan” pro-Trump forces for circulating “fake news” that turned the tide of the election. It would appear that this narrative itself is fake.

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