Following in the same ‘vain’ as previous delusional Democrats such as Al Gore, who once famously proclaimed to have taken the “initiative in creating the internet”, and more recently, Ed Markey, who seemingly took credit for every social media medium under the sun, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is taking credit for a phrase he clearly did not create – ‘Obamacare’.

Via the New York Post:

Who’s running Anthony Weiner’s campaign? Al Gore?

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The Twitter-failing former congressman became an online laughingstock yesterday after a report came out quoting him as taking credit for the term “ObamaCare.”

“[It’s] a term, by the way, that I coined and used proudly long before the administration decided it was a good idea,” he told The New York Times.

But the term has long been attributed to Mitt Romney, who is said to have used as early as 2007, and the gaffe prompted Twitter wags to take turns mocking the mayoral candidate.

Surprisingly, Weiner did not openly take credit for a term he actually was responsible for – Weinergate.