Boy that Donald Trump sure is an idiot, isn’t he?

There’s no way he’s fit to serve in the White House – and he certainly can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. At least not the way Vice-President Joe Biden can.

Or maybe not. Biden once again proved himself just one beer shy of a six pack, blatantly pointing out the aide who carries the nuclear codes.

Seems safe. Check it out …

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I mean seriously, why not just have the guy walk around with a big neon sign that tells terrorist “I have the nuclear codes”? It’d probably be more subtle than this.

joe biden

Via the Free Beacon:

Vice President Joe Biden repeated a gaffe from last month on Thursday when he pointed out the military aide who travels with him carrying the nuclear launch codes.

Again criticizing GOP nominee Donald Trump as unfit to be commander-in-chief during a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Ohio, Biden cited the responsibility of holding the nuclear codes.

“He has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and guess what? That’s OK sometimes … But I’ve got a military aide with me carrying a briefcase,” Biden said, pointing to his left. “No, I mean this sincerely. That briefcase has the nuclear codes in it and, God forbid, if something happened to the president and a decision had to be made, I open it up and the nuclear codes are there. Just imagine giving this guy access.”

The crowd laughed, and Biden grew stern.

“No, no, no, I really mean it!” he said. “Imagine giving this guy access to the nuclear codes. A guy who says how he’d consider using nuclear weapons. A guy who talks about how may other countries should become nuclear powers. I mean, my God.”

The irony of blasting Trump for being irresponsible while simultaneously pointing out to the world who carries the nuclear codes seems to be lost on good ol’ Uncle Joe.

And he certainly hasn’t learned his lesson after getting blasted for doing the same thing just last month.

You’d think maybe the guy carrying the briefcase would pull Biden aside and say ‘Hey, could you maybe not put a giant bullseye on my back for everyone to see?’

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