Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has an idea to fix President Trump’s self-described ‘watered down’ travel ban – temporarily halt all immigration task manager herunterladen.

Recently, with the London and Manchester terror attacks fresh in the minds of Americans, President Trump blasted his own Justice Department for submitting a “watered down, politically correct version” of the travel ban to the Supreme Court münchener freiheit kostenlos downloaden.

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Coulter believes she has a solution that would disarm judicial activists that are blocking the travel ban by claiming it amounts to religious discrimination fortnite herunterladen handy.

“What Trump, for example, suggested in his immigration policy paper … was a temporary ban on all immigration,” Coulter explained herunterladen. “Why doesn’t he go back to that?”

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Take a look at Coulter’s comments below …


Via the Blaze:

Ann Coulter called for all immigration to be banned during Monday’s airing of Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” and stated that it will avoid “religious” problems down the road from your games and software library at any time.

“What Trump, for example, suggested in his immigration policy paper — the greatest document since the Magna Carta — was a temporary ban on all immigration,” Coulter said herunterladen. “You have no religious problem then. Why doesn’t he go back to that? It’s both more aggressive — be very careful. Let in a few a year. We’re letting in 2 million people a year — illegal, legal, guest workers audacity herunterladen. Probably more than 2 million. And The New York Times writes, ‘Well, it’s just impossible to vet that many people coming in.’ Well, don’t let in that many people then microsoft wallpapers for free. It’s not that hard.”

Coulter added that a temporary ban on all immigration would effectively avoid religious conflict.

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Obviously, such a move would be far more controversial for the left and media illegal immigration advocates herunterladen.

Eliminating the religious equation, however would force the courts hand in allowing the travel ban to go through. They could never argue the President’s right to defend the American people in the first place, and now they would no longer be able to argue religious discrimination.

“I’d make it more aggressive,” Coulter said. “And by the way, how is a court going to strike it down if it’s not religious at all?  Right now it’s being struck down on establishment clause ground.”

Do you think there should be a temporary halt on all immigration or is Coulter going too far? Share your thoughts below.

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