And With That, America Flips Terrorists a Giant Middle Finger

This took far too long to become reality, but America has reclaimed the skyline in the Western Hemisphere with the last pieces of a 408 foot spire being affixed atop One World Trade Center.

Via CNN:

Construction workers bolted the last pieces of a 408-foot spire into place atop One World Trade Center on Friday, symbolically capping New York’s comeback after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The spire brings the iconic building to a height of 1,776 feet — an allusion to the year the United States declared its independence. It also makes the building the tallest in the Western Hemisphere and the third-tallest in the world.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey confirmed the installation in a statement.

“This milestone at the World Trade Center site symbolizes the resurgence and resilience of our state and our nation,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in the statement.

Port Authority Chairman David Samson called the building “a national symbol of hope and strength in the face of tragedy.”

The building still has a ways to go, not being scheduled for opening until 2014.

Until then, it looks like the New York City skyline just flipped terrorists worldwide a giant bird.

Here’s our picture of the day…

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