Albany Forced to Cancel Duke Basketball Game Due to Cuomo’s Travel Ban

The SUNY Albany men’s basketball team has been forced to withdraw from a scheduled meeting with the vaunted Duke Blue Devils due to governor Cuomo’s ban on travel to North Carolina.

In March, Cuomo banned all non-essential government employee travel to the Tar Heel state, a sign of protest over their blocking of local laws that would allow people ‘identifying’ as a different gender to simply use whichever public restroom they desire.

Now that ban has cancelled a game that many of the Great Dane players would likely view as the biggest game of the year, if not their careers.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s stance against North Carolina House Bill 2 law has forced the cancellation of a basketball game between Albany and Duke.

Steve Wiseman of the Durham Herald-Sun reported Wednesday that Duke’s previously-scheduled home game against Albany on Nov. 12 had been removed from the Blue Devils’ schedule.

The Albany-Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium was scheduled as part of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Tip Off Tournament.

However, in March of 2016, the North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 2, which is a law that stipulates that transgender people must use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender while taking away the ability of employees to sue their employers in state court for discrimination or wrongful termination.

After the law was passed, Gov. Cuomo responded with an executive order, banning any state-sponsored, non-essential travel to North Carolina.

While being subject to the ban by virtue of being a state university, SUNY officials have said they “continue to support the Governor on taking this stand” regardless.

Earlier this year, the Hudson Valley Community College baseball team had been notified that the ban would prevent them from making nationals should they get that far in the championship tournament. Unfortunately, the team failed to make it out of the first round.

Cuomo’s ban is clearly meant to punish North Carolina for their bathroom laws, but the only victim in this case will be the SUNY Albany basketball players. Duke will have little issue finding a new opponent, who will be rewarded financially for their troubles and earn national exposure for their university. Albany players will miss out on a chance to play the team many believe destined to win a national title next season.

In 2013, former Albany guard Jacob Iati described the opportunity to play Duke as “the game of a lifetime.”

In describing their meeting, Iati summed it up perfectly – “They play in big games all season long and their whole careers every game is like that for them. For us, it’s like the game of a lifetime; for them, it’s just another day in the park.”

Meanwhile, North Carolina’s bathroom issue is designed not to discriminate against people over sexual identity, but to prevent individuals from taking advantage of the ‘anybody can use any bathroom’ mentality by mixing men, women, and children.

Seem like a far-fetched problem? Target thought so, issuing a bathroom policy that would allow anybody to use whichever bathroom they felt like in their stores.

But then this happened (Via Fox News):

An Idaho man who told police he identifies as a woman was arrested Tuesday after allegedly taking photos of a woman in a Target fitting room, officials said.

Sean Patrick Smith, 43, was allegedly dressed in women’s clothing when he entered the fitting room in the women’s section of the store in Ammon on Monday, East Idaho News reported. Smith, also known as Shauna Patricia Smith, then began taking pictures of a woman in the changing stall next to him, police said.

“The woman was begging for help as she chased the man out the door,” a witness told East Idaho News. “She kept saying she wanted those pictures deleted.”

Cuomo’s ban of travel to North Carolina reeks of hypocrisy, having already traveled to Cuba and planning a future venture to China, both countries with far more abhorrent records on discrimination.

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