Reports this week revealed that Al Sharpton served as a confidential informant for the FBI in the ’80s.  The reports led New York media outlets to label Sharpton as a “rat.”

Sharpton responded to those reports with this bit of Seuss-esque poetry:

Rats are usually people

that were with other rats glücksbringer kostenlos downloaden.

I was not

and am not

a rat.

I wasn’t with the rats herunterladen.

I’m a cat.

I chase rats.

Seriously, that is an actual quote mydrive daten herunterladen.

By way of contrast and comparison, here is an excerpt from the Dick and Jane series for grade school children.

“See Spot run,” said Jane consorsbank secure plus app.

“See Spot run to the new house.”

“Come home, Spot,” said Dick herunterladen.

“Come Spot, come.”

“Come home.”

Al Sharpton, Rhodes scholar herunterladen.