Remember all that talk about Donald Trump needing to accept the election results if Hillary Clinton had won this past November?

Can you imagine if he had lost, and Trump were on Twitter even today railing against those results nine months after the fact microsoft office kostenlos herunterladen 2010? The liberal media would be excoriating him as we speak.

Now imagine someone not accepting the election results over 17 years after the fact herunterladen.

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That’s exactly what happened with Al Gore during a recent exchange with comedian Bill Maher.

The host of “Real Time” on HBO was discussing Gore’s latest global warming alarmist documentary, citing certain locations that would be ‘lost’ to rising sea levels ccleaner gratisen windows 7 nederlands. One of those locations was Florida.

“And who would know better about losing Florida?” Maher quipped.

Gore responded, “Actually, I think I carried Floria.”

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No Al, no you didn’t tomtom.


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Via the Blaze:

“When the sea levels rise, we could lose Venice, we could lose Florida,” Maher stated schriftarten zahlen kostenlos downloaden. “And who would know better about losing Florida?”

The remark seemed to catch Gore off-guard. He appeared to laugh slightly as the crowd clapped but looked very uncomfortable ps4 systemsoftware 6.51 herunterladen nicht möglich.

“Actually, I think I carried Floria,” Gore finally said with a serious face.

Maher gave what one could only describe as a sympathy clap for Gore who was clearly still suffering from delusion over the 2000 election against President – PRESIDENT – George W free. Bush.

As you well know, following the contest with Bush, Gore refused to accept the free and fair election results and would not concede defeat herunterladen. He instead tied up the election process through litigation in the courts for months.

Gore consistently lost his bid to overturn the election results in the lower courts and kept fighting in the Florida Supreme Court herunterladen.

He would not concede until mid-December of that year, a month and a half after Election Day.


In October of this year, Gore appeared at a campaign rally for Clinton, urging everyone to vote based on the premise that the 2000 election had been stolen from him.

“Your vote really, really, really counts,” Gore said. “You can consider me as an exhibit A of that. For those of you who are younger than 25 you might not remember the election of 2000 and what happened here in Florida.”

We remember, Al. The electoral college and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers helped save us from yet another unhinged liberal in the White House.

Remind Al Gore who won the 2000 election in the comments section below.

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