The WikiLeaks dump just keep on rolling, and one of the latest finds is a doozy.

In an exchange between campaign manager John Podesta and Clinton ally Neera Tanden – who in previous emails proclaimed she was a “loyal soldier” to Hillary – the two discuss the presidential nominee’s mindset in a very unflattering way.

It begs all kinds of questions about her mental state.

The discussion began when the pair were dismayed that Clinton would dare to call herself a ‘moderate.’

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Podesta wrote that Clinton claimed she “didn’t remember saying it,” to which he responded “not sure I believe her.”

Tanden then claimed that she doesn’t seem to be aware of her surroundings at times.

“It makes my life more difficult after telling every reporter I know she’s actually progressive but that is really the smallest of issues,” she wrote. “It worries me more that she doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment.”


Podesta actually declares at one point that Clinton may need a “Don Baer intervention.” Baer was a former chief speech writer to President Bill Clinton, and he very well could be referring to him jumping aboard to aid in crafting her message.

However, considering the context of the messages saying they’re not sure Hillary knows what planet she’s on or what she’s saying, the Don Baer they may have been referring to was a late psychologist who contributed to applied behavior analysis.

Baer studied behavior analysis that concentrates on “empirically-based interventions into problems of individual, social, and cultural importance.”

Either way, we’ll probably never know the truth behind what was being discussed … unless WikiLeaks releases other emails in the same thread. Stay tuned.

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