After ‘New York Values’ Controversy, Ted Cruz Wins NYC Straw Poll

Most conservatives, especially those of us hailing from the Empire State, recognize that the recent comments made about ‘New York values’ were referring to hard-left liberal elitists in the City which have given us an extremist mayor in Bill de Blasio, helped to almost single-handedly deliver victory to Governor Cuomo during the last election cycle, and who have helped perpetuate an endless cycle of corruption from state lawmakers.

That said, Republican presidential candidate [score]Ted Cruz[/score], the man who made the mantra of ‘New York values‘ famous recently, didn’t really take a hit from Republicans.

In fact, he immediately won an NYC straw poll (HT Weasel Zippers).

The Results from the First Met Club Straw Poll of 2016 are as follows:1st place: Ted Cruz 33%2nd place: Donald J….

Posted by Metropolitan Republican Club on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thank you #CruzCrew — we won the 2016 Straw Poll of the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York!

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) January 16, 2016

Meanwhile, Cruz offered a rather tongue-in-cheek apology to those offended by the ‘New York values’ controversy.

This is from a Cruz press release:

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz today responded to demands from liberal politicians including Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio to apologize for his criticisms of the liberal progressive values embraced by the New York elites.

Cruz’s comments from the Sean Hannity Show are below, followed by a full statement.

Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio have all demanded an apology. I’m happy to apologize:

I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state.

I apologize to the hard working men and women of the state of New York who have been denied jobs because Governor Cuomo won’t allow fracking. Even though there had been many high paying jobs just south in Pennsylvania, New Yorkers are denied the ability to provide for their families.

I apologize to all the pro-life and pro-marriage and pro-second amendment New Yorkers who were told by Governor Cuomo that they have no place in New York because that’s not who New Yorkers are.

I apologize to all the small businesses who have been driven out of New York city by crushing taxes and regulations.

I apologize to the millions of unborn children, many African-American and Hispanic, whose lives have been taken by politicians who relentlessly promote abortion on demand with no limitations.

I apologize to all of the African-American children who Mayor de Blasio tried to throw out of their charter schools that were providing a lifeline to the American Dream.

I apologize to the people of New York who are offended when the New York Daily News lambastes anyone who prays for victims of violence.

I apologize to the people of faith who are ridiculed and insulted by the New York media.

And I apologize to all the cops and the firefighters and 9/11 heroes who had no choice but to stand and turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio, because Mayor de Blasio over and over again stands with the looters and criminals rather than the brave men and women of the law.

And to the millions of conservatives–working men and women in New York, with common sense values, trapped by the failures of your political leaders–I am glad to tell you, help us on the way. 2016, like 1980, will bring America back.


Ted Cruz

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