Last week, we brought you this disturbing story:

Downstate Democrat Assemblyman Vito Lopez not only leered at a 14-year-old intern and encouraged other women in his office to dress as “sexy” as the teen does, but his remarks were so startling that it prompted another staffer’s mother to call 911, and the police to file a sexual harassment/child abuse report, according to the Daily News herunterladen.

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Well, it’s a new day. And as such, a new story has come to light. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any creepier, there’s this darktable kostenlos download. Via the Daily News:

Pervy Assemblyman Vito Lopez found a 14-year-old intern so sexy that he fantasized aloud about living in a state where it was legal to sleep with underage girls, a source told the Daily News herunterladen. After ogling the girl, the 71-year-old Brooklyn Democrat relayed his twisted lament over New York’s statutory rape laws to at least one person from his district office, the source said 7 zip voor windows 10. The creepy comment comes to light days after the Daily News revealed that the mother of a Lopez staffer called the police after he told the staffer she should dress sexier — like the teenaged intern spiele für den computer zum herunterladen. “It just gets more and more horrifying with this guy,” said one insider. “God only knows what’s inside that (state ethics commission) report” on Lopez status bilder downloaden.

Remember, this is the same man that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver used hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to shield from sexual harassment charges disney + herunterladen laptop. The question now is, what did Silver know about the underage intern, and when did he know it?  Specifically punishing Lopez by preventing him from hiring younger employees (under 21) seems to acknowledge that the wandering-hands Assemblyman had a problem in this area.  Could Silver have heard of the same accusations herunterladen? Despite the scandal, Lopez was re-elected to the Assembly this past November.