A new $147 billion budget deal in New York includes a job-killing hike to a $15/hour minimum wage, but that apparently hasn’t satisfied liberal advocates who immediately started calling for $20/hour.

Citizens Action of NY, an organization that claims “we look for opportunities to create big changes in NY and the U.S.,” took to social media to complain that the new minimum wage wasn’t enough for City residents.

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The post did not appear to be ironic or an April Fool’s joke.

A Bernie Sanders supporter, many of whom are under the impression that unicorns also exist, indicated that a $20/hour wage was necessary to live.


This was quite possibly the best response we could find to such ridiculous demands…

We recently posted a guest column from a business owner who explained that the impending $15/hour minimum wage would be devastating to his business.

Todd Tesman wrote, “This incredibly damaging progressive brainstorm will be the death of small businesses state wide.”

What would $20/hour do?