Adam Schiff: ‘We May All Be Moving to Canada Soon’

UNKNOWN: “Before we move to Canada here, at your hearing last week —“

SCHIFF: “We may all be moving to Canada soon.”

UNKNOWN: “(Laughs) I hope not. But at your hearing last week, you had some words, I watched and I read it carefully. (…) Did you get any sense at that hearing last week that they are determined, focused, properly recognizing their responsibilities and moving in these directions?”

SCHIFF: “You know, I can’t say that I got that sense from the hearing. It would have to be a pretty remarkable hearing if it were that kind of transformation. I do get the sense that there’s something going on at Twitter, that maybe, we’ve reached the last straw for what the management of Twitter can take, in terms of what they’re seeing how their platform is being used. I don’t know. But I still get the sense that Facebook will need to be pulled and dragged into this era of corporate responsibility. The economic incentives are simply too powerful for continuation of the status quo. And I, until proven otherwise, have the sense that, with respect to Google-YouTube, that their strategy is to avoid the scrutiny of the other platforms and disclose as little as possible. It’s, I guess, not unlike the – although I’m sure they won’t appreciate this analogy – the President’s view that if you don’t test it, there is no virus. If they don’t discuss it, if they don’t reveal it, there is no problem. And so nothing, I guess, from the hearing shook those impressions, but time will tell.”

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