Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the man who bogged down an entire nation with his impeachment scam, is drafting legislation that would set up an independent commission that would investigate the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic to do listeen.

Hmm, do you think that commission would start gearing up around, say, election time?

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Make no mistake about Adam Schiff’s real intentions behind launching an investigation into coronavirus: a guise for him to lead another bogus impeachment imessage herunterladen.

Schiff has no ground to stand on. When coronavirus arrived in America, what was Adam Schiff focused on? Wasting time with a bogus impeachment microsoft store movies.

The American people recognize Schiff’s partisan agenda.

Bottom Line: D.C herunterladen. Democrats have been politicizing coronavirus as a vehicle to use to advance their far-left agenda. Meanwhile, President Trump is laser-focused on defeating coronavirus, saving American lives, and rebuilding the economy where to download ebooks for free.

Via the Republican National Committee