Actor John Stamos, performing at an Independence Day celebration in Washington, D.C., donated a drum set he “always dreamed of having as a kid” to a retired Marine and his family hoe icloud fotosen.

The custom drum kit, made by Ludwig, was decked out in ‘sparkly’ red, white, and blue colors.

After learning that many crowd members at the performance were military personnel, Stamos insisted on giving the drum set to the family of someone who had fought for America itunes musik herunterladen auf pc.

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Via the Smoke Room:

Actor John Stamos performed at a July 4 celebration in Washington, D.C herunterladen. Tuesday night and afterwards donated his drum kit to a retired Marine and his family …

Just for the show, Stamos showed off a brand new red, white and blue sparkly drum kit by Ludwig …

After learning of all the military members and their families that would be in attendance, the actor decided to donate his almost new drum kit to Marine Corps Master Sergeant Mike Schneider and his family herunterladen.

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Check out the moment Stamos donates the drum kit at about the 2:10:20 mark …


Schneider has a special music connection that makes this particular donation even more meaningful herunterladen.

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He suffered two traumatic brain injuries that ultimately lead to an epileptic seizure disorder while serving in the Marine Corps in the mid-2000s iphone app store kann nichts herunterladen.

As a result, Schneider engaged in a music therapy program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He learned to play instruments such as the piano and guitar wo kann man illegal musiken.

But according to People magazine, it is his son who has the drumming bug openolat herunterladen.

A father of four, all of his children are musical—three are musicians, and the other is a dancer—but Schneider’s son Owen’s dream was to play the drums schriftarten vivaldi kostenlos downloaden. Tragically, the boy was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a nervous system disorder that impairs coordination, and doctors told him it would be impossible for him to ever manage the instrument herunterladen. But while sitting in at his father’s music therapy classes during “Family Day” at Water Weed, Owen had a chance to get behind the kit. Not only did he display a talent for it, the act of drumming helped his upper and lower body to coordinate with each other in synchronized movement.

Encouraged, he eventually earned a place in his middle school band, but lacking a kit of his own cut into his practice time. Now with the red, white and blue kid given to him by Stamos, he’ll be playing like Buddy Rich in no time.

Here is Stamos with Schneider’s son …


What an amazing gift for this family!

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