Activists Show Up To Burn American Flag, Bikers and Veterans Send Them Running

A group of anti-police activists showed up at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park prepared to burn an American flag, spurred on by a group known as Disarm NYPD.

The group claims that “the desecration of this symbol is timely and incredibly necessary at this juncture in
political affairs.”

What was also ‘timely and incredibly necessary’ were the number of pro-American flag counter-protesters who showed up to stop them.

That group, consisting mostly of bikers and veterans, chased Disarm NYPD out of the park.

Via the Daily News:

A protest at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park Wednesday night exploded into a heated confrontation between rival demonstrators over the burning of an American flag.

Anti-racism and police brutality protesters organized by a group called Disarm NYPD were chased from the park by a group of angry pro-flag supporters after burning a Confederate battle flag and an American flag in the middle of the park.

Witnesses say a pro-flag demonstrator snatched the burning American flag before others chased the anti-flaggers away.

No arrests were made.

“My nephew is graduating from the Marines in two weeks,” said flag supporter Diane Atkins of Bay Ridge. “I’ll be damned if somebody burns the flag!”

The anti-police group that had previously relished the attention, suddenly wanted to run and hide when the patriots started hounding them.

Watch one suspected anti-police activist scatter …

A biker who chose to remain anonymous told The Blaze that “We’re here to f*** up tiny liberal punks.”

A member of the anti-police group insisted that the American flag “represents genocide, imperialism, and oppression.”  Which is of course, yet another example of a mindless liberal regurgitating big words they learned in college, without necessarily knowing the meaning behind them.

One comment on the Disarm NYPD Facebook page found it rather ironic that the group had to ask the police for help when the counter-protest overwhelmed their efforts to burn the American flag.

“Who protected you?” they asked.  “The NYPD – they should have let those bikers beat the crap out of you.”

While we certainly don’t advocate violence against anybody – even if they’re burning the American flag – it is certainly interesting watching a group beg for attention, and then go scurrying away when people who stand up for their country put the heat on.

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