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>> Do you feel you run not only to sanctuary cities, but states that refuse to share records with you or the administration for fear that, you know, it will lead to a federal free for all to go after their people herunterladen? It gets to the point where states, individual communities are fighting you doing your job.
HOMAN: “You know, I’ve been doing this job 34 years microsoft betriebssystem herunterladen. Sanctuary cities are not American. That’s not the America I grew up in. For a city or a state to choose to shield somebody that is in this country illegally — let’s talk about the criminal aliens in county jails bingokaarten dead 20 download. For San Francisco, Chicago. One of the biggest crime rates. Are they doing everything they can to stop the crime in Chicago? If you’re an illegal alien, gets arrested in Cook County, my officers are not allowed to have access to that jail ganze alben kostenlosen legal. Not allowed information from that jail. So that alien will hit the street again — “
>> Neil: You can’t go there? Don’t you have jurisdiction though videos herunterladen youtube online? You’re ahead of them, right?
>> No, sir, we cannot enter cook county jail. That’s why the two legislative proposals that were introduced by Goodlatte, the case law is so important sims 4 free download windows. We have to make these people cooperate with us. It’s a community safety issue. For every criminal alien that is a public safety threat that I cannot arrest in the security of a jail, one of the fine men and women that work for us have to go knock on a door karaton appen. It’s an officer safety issue, community safety issue. Enough with sanctuary cities.
>> Neil: It’s more protection for people that shouldn’t be here than protecting legal Americans that should be looked after here word herunterladen rub. How did that — I’m not saying something simplistic here. How did that evolve to what it’s become?
>> It’s liberal judges, it’s — like I said, it’s not the America I grew up in youtube musiker kostenlos herunterladen. Last night we got a decision from a judge on a bunch of Iraqi Christians that we arrested in Detroit. All of these significant public safety threats convicted of murder, rape, child molestation and now they got a stay while they’re looking at the case, should they be returned to Iraq because they’re in danger of being persecuted in Iraq with which app you can instagram profile pictures. The safety and well-being of American citizens that are threat from thinks criminals are put in the back seat. We have to change the way we’re doing business. We need to protect this country. We’re is a sovereign country. We need to enforce laws, this president has allowed us to do that. Since then, the border crossings are at an all time low. The policy — you may not like the president, may not like the policies. You cannot argue with the results of these policies. It’s a strong determination by the men and women that step up every day and put their lives on the line for this country. It’s about time. Long past due.
>> Thanks, director. We appreciate it.
>> Thank you.