Abortion Fan Joe Biden Mocks Trump: Just Wish He’d Read The Bible Once In A While

Democratic candidate Joe Biden took a swipe at President Trump for holding up a Bible at St. John’s Church earlier this week.

Following a White House Rose Garden speech about restoring law and order, the President walked across the street to St. John’s Church where he held up a Bible.

The church suffered damage at the hands of rioters, and Trump’s journey was meant as symbolism that our nation will heal from this pain through the power of faith.

Biden, however, saw it as a chance to mock him for his efforts.

Read It Once In a While

The former Vice President, who has dragged himself so far to the left to placate radicals in his party who support abortion, told Trump he might want to actually read the Bible once in a while.

“The President held up the Bible at St. John’s Church yesterday,” said Biden. “I just hope he’d open it once in a while.”

Joe Biden: “The President held up the Bible at St. John’s Church yesterday. I just hope he’d open it once in a while.” pic.twitter.com/yorzAu83Qs

— The Hill (@thehill) June 2, 2020

Biden also took issue with the very idea of the photo op at the church itself.

He retweeted a report from NPR Politics that decried the “photo op” which they said took place after police “used tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protesters to clear them away from St. John’s church.”

“He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets,” Biden wrote. “For a photo.”

Biden: I’m so angry @realDonaldTrump took a Photo-Op!

Also Biden: pic.twitter.com/ro8Ijkznvh

— Rusty Weiss ?? (@rustyweiss74) June 2, 2020


Lyin’ Biden joe biden

There are two issues with Biden’s complaint regarding the photo op.

  • As seen in the above tweet, Biden took a ridiculous photo of his own when he kneeled in front of members of an area church.
  • The ‘tear-gas’ and ‘peaceful’ protest narrative was debunked.

“The reason the crowd was disbursed with smoke canisters (not tear-gas) is that at that moment, officers were being pelted with water bottles,” one reporter relayed from Park Police.

He added, “Another factor was that protesters had climbed on top of the structure at the north end of Lafayette Square that had been burned the day before.”

Joe Biden will be seizing the photo op to appear at George Floyd’s funeral.

Many of you were forbidden to have a funeral for your own parents, grandparents, and loved ones.

Tyranny is no longer a “what if”. We’re there. https://t.co/iYgan2Y72u

— Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) June 3, 2020

Additionally, Biden appears poised to grab yet another photo op by appearing at the funeral for George Floyd, the man whose unjustified killing began the country’s descent into chaos.

It’s only bad when Trump does it.

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