ABC Reporters Mockingly Imagine Trump’s Future Funeral

During a live stream of George H.W. Bush’s services, a pair of reporters for ABC News made off-color jokes about what they imagined a future funeral for President Trump would look like.

The inappropriate commentary has elicited criticism for the tone-deaf nature in trying to cover an extremely solemn event in the passing of the 41st President of the United States.

ABC correspondents Terry Moran and Devin Dwyer concluded, without evidence, that the Bush funeral represented a rebuke of the current occupant in the White House. The media the last few days have been desperately providing answers in search of a question, trying to link Trump to this funeral in any possible means to portray him in a negative light.

What Was Said?

Moran and Dwyer almost immediately pivoted to fantasizing what a Trump funeral would entail, even joking over the grandeur and choreography of his future passing.

“Perhaps a recognition, in terms of his involvement in the proceedings by President Trump, that he someday will be getting a similar treatment when he passes as a former president of the United States,” Dwyer assessed.

Moran responded that there would “probably (be) a different tone in that funeral,” adding that the President is “going to choreograph it … So, there might be more trumpets and fanfare.”

“Yes, he would do it bigger, one would imagine,” Dwyer then joked.

To top the entire wildly inappropriate segment off, Moran then mocked Trump’s penchant for hyperbole saying, “It will be the best presidential funeral ever. No one will ever have seen anything like that funeral.”

Here’s why so many people like my family have quit watching @ABC and other mainstream news outlets. So much junk. Will they apologize? Probably not.

— BaptistBanter (@BanterBaptist) December 6, 2018


How deeply embedded the disease known as Trump Derangement Syndrome must be to turn coverage of a funeral into an opportunity to joke about the President of the United States.

It is the same mainstream media that has spent the last few days rightfully celebrating the civility and grace with which Bush lived his life, and lamenting how nice it would be for politicians to return to that era.

They love civility until they have a chance to attack Trump. Then the stick the figurative knife in his back at the first opportunity.

Critics Are Not Amused

While the ABC reporters felt a funeral was a good time to make jokes, critics who watched the display were not amused.

The Wrap noted the exchange was “uncomfortable” while Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor called the segment “despicable garbage.”

Tim Young, an actual political comedian, noted that this kind of mockery highlights “the media outrage double standard where you can say basically anything you want about a Republican and get away with it.”

Media Likes to Project Their Fantasies About Trump’s Death

ABC certainly isn’t the first news organization to openly fantasize about the death of President Trump.

The New York Times in October published an article which fantasized about the Secret Service assassinating President Trump.

Why in God’s name did you publish this, @nytimes?

— Brandt (@UrbanAchievr) October 24, 2018


An editor for a major newspaper in Germany said the best “way out of the Trump catastrophe” would be “murder in the White House.”

And just days into his presidency, CNN ran a segment about what would happen if President-elect Trump was killed before or during his inauguration, either by a terrorist attack or assassination attempt.


“What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one?” Wolf Blitzer asked.

A contributor than explained the line of succession should an attack had blown up the inaugural dais, killing both Trump and Vice President Pence.

Will these people ever be well again, or is insanity brought on by Trump’s presidency a permanent affliction?

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