Romney Got Off Easy – Bush Was Accused of the “Niggerization of the American People”

There is, understandably, plenty of outrage today after hearing MSNBC host Touré accuse Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of what he called the “niggerization” of President Obama. MSNBC’s Touré … has now declared that Mitt Romney is engaged in the “niggerization” of Barack Obama. What exactly did Romney do to earn this reprehensible slur? He said … Đọc tiếp

Former Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Says Voting For Biden Will Be Like ‘Eating a Bowl of S***’

Nina Turner, a former Bernie Sanders campaign co-chair, made a rather vulgar analogy when asked about voting for presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden. In an interview with the Atlantic Turner made it clear that Biden, despite his massive shift to the radical left, has not come far enough for her approval. “It’s like saying to somebody, … Đọc tiếp

It’s Pretty Clear Why Obama Wouldn’t Have Fared So Well Against Donald Trump

Politico’s Bill Scher unceremoniously yanked the one remaining leg out of President Barack Obama’s stool in a Wednesday op-ed that described Obama’s prospects had he run against President-elect Donald Trump. Obama claimed in a Monday interview with CNN’s David Axelrod that his ground game would have gotten out the minority vote such that he would have surmounted Trump’s election … Đọc tiếp