A long-standing American flag mural in Phoenix, painted one day after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, was defaced with anti-Trump and anti-ICE profanities die sims 3 sunlit tides kostenlos downloaden.

The Arizona Republic reports that, like many of us in the aftermath of that fateful day, then-Phoenix resident Laura Giacoppo, her son Brian and her friend Patti Gray wanted to do “something to show support” for their fellow Americans songs from the internet.

So they painted a flag on a large retaining wall on Cactus Road, where it stood only weathered by time for 18 years.

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“It was just a thing that we did to honor all the people who died,” Giacoppo said herunterladen. “I’m not a Trump supporter or a George Bush supporter. It was just for America.”

Last week, somebody decided they didn’t appreciate something done ‘just for America.’

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The flag mural was covered in leftist graffiti, with messages only the product of a liberal education system could provide pixlr editor.

Black spray paint covered the American flag with the words, “F*** Trump!!! F*** ICE!”

Let’s hope ICE finds who did it, and then they’ll be the ones who are … well, nevermind disney plus film downloaden pc.

Phoenix Police Officers Respond

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Two Phoenix police officers, as well as one of their young sons, braved 105-degree heat to paint over the graffiti and restore the American flag mural to its original glory program to download youtube videos for free.

Officer Mario Lozoya and Sgt. Matt Morgan painted away while local resident Marcy Bobbitt looked on.

Bobbitt described the actions of the vandals as “very despicable,” referring to the act as a “hate crime.”


Another local resident and Vietnam veteran, David Bishop explained that it “really makes me feel sad that someone would do that.”

“I put my life on the line for that flag,” he told KSAZ TV atom kostenlosen. “Coming from Vietnam, we had a bad rep when we came back, so we really had to work on that to build up to where we are respected again.”


More Anti-Trump Actions

Perry High School, just 30 minutes outside of Phoenix, was investigated for possible free speech violations back in March, when administrators demanded students remove their ‘Make America Great Again’ items moorhuhn herunterladen kostenlos.

They told parents that the gear was “offensive” and “disrespectful.”


Only the lunatic left can view an American flag and a message espousing American greatness and see something ‘disrespectful.’

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