And this is what we call a clear majority…  If this were an election, it would be a landslide.

Based on a list compiled by Gannett’s Albany Bureau, 20 out of 27 politicians who have found themselves in hot water since 2000 have been Democrats.

As we said in an earlier post today about corruption – it does indeed come from both sides of the aisle – but in New York, there is a clear pattern coming from our friends on the left.

Via Albany Watch:

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The list of troubled New York state lawmakers continues to grow, with former state Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith charged Tuesday as part of a bribery and extortion scheme to get on the Republican ballot line for the New York City mayoral race.

But Smith is far from the first state legislator to run into legal or ethical troubles. The count, according to a running list kept by Gannett’s Albany Bureau, stands at 27 since 2000.

Check out the list here…

It should be noted that this list focuses on state level politicians, and does not scratch the surface of things such as the upstate voter fraud scandal, which was carried out solely by Democrats.