7-Year-Old Could Be Expelled For Telling Teacher He Accidentally Brought Toy Gun to School

A 7-year-old domestic terrorist was suspended from school, and could face expulsion for telling his teacher earlier this week that he accidentally brought a toy gun to school.

Via Fox News:

Chris Simak and Jennifer Mathabell say their son, Darin Simak, was suspended from Martin School in New Kensington, Pa.

Mathabell says the boy left his regular book bag at a friend’s house, so she packed him another one, not realizing the toy was in it. The boy’s parents say Darin immediately gave it to a teacher because he knew it was against the rules.

“He found the toy gun on the outside pocket,” Simak told The Valley New Dispatch. “He took it straight to the teacher and said that he wasn’t allowed to have it.”

He said his son “did the right thing, and we’re trying to teach him the right way, and now they’re teaching him the wrong way.”

The boy faces an expulsion hearing Friday.

The entire ordeal seems to be yet another example of a school overreacting to a relatively common refrain by children using toy guns. It’s zero tolerance at it’s worst, but it is nothing new in a hyper-sensitive society.

Earlier this year, an 8-year-old was disarmed by a social worker and school principal when it was revealed he had menacingly pointed a Lego gun at another student.

Last year, a 5-year-old boy was threatened with suspension from his daycare after making a gun out of Legos and pointing it at other children.

Another boy, a kindergartner in Massachusetts, was given detention for bringing a similarly miniature Lego gun on a school bus.

Four years ago, a 9-year-old was threatened with suspension and forced to fill out statements because of a two-inch Lego gun he was playing with in the school cafeteria.

In an even more extreme case, a 5-year-old girl was suspended for 10 days (eventually reduced to two) and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after saying “I’m going to shoot you and I will shoot myself.”  The weapon in question?  A Hello Kitty Bubble Gun.

Honestly, if we could just get these educators who punish little kids for using bubble guns or bringing in fake Lego guns, placed on security detail in Benghazi or abroad, we’d be a safer nation.

When the educators are clearly less intelligent than the students they teach, then you know our school systems are in serious peril.

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