In December of last year, Senate Democrats urged House Republicans to pass a $60.4 billion aid package for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  It was urgent, they said anki decks herunterladen.

Despite the package being riddled with unnecessary pork, Democrats like Chuck Schumer (NY) wanted House leaders to quickly bring the Senate bill to the chamber floor to allow a vote word download students for free.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, “Now that the Senate has acted … the House must do the same immediately.”

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Immediately.  Quickly.  It was urgent, you see emoji for free.

But now a report via the Associated Press indicates that only $700 million of the $60 billion aid package has been released.  That’s roughly 1.2% that  has been granted to aid in recovery from the devastation wrought by super storm Sandy herunterladen.

Worse, even that fraction of money has not been distributed to victims.

Because the federal government has only released the first tranche — about $700 million — of the roughly $60 billion package of storm recovery aid approved by Congress, city officials say they still don’t know how much money they’ll be able to distribute to storm victims older itunes version.

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“We’ve made it clear to HUD that we need a lot more,” Holloway said.

24,000 families have requested aid thus far, a majority of which haven’t seen a penny nearly a year after the storm messengeren op laptop.

Back when Congress was still debating the aid package, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie howled that this is “why the American people hate Congress.” Now that the government has proven inept at distributing the aid, it’s safe to say this is an example of why the American people loathe government hasbro like is het bladen download.  Period.

When Democrats were courting votes for the aid package, Pelosi stated that, “Our fellow Americans are waiting for relief to rebuild their homes, businesses, communities and lives.”

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To nobody’s surprise, they’re still waiting free games.