There’s been little mistaking the numerous White House lies about Bowe Bergdahl.

The President’s decision to swap several high-ranking Taliban commanders for an army sergeant who may have deserted his fellow troops has resulted in a storm of controversy from lawmakers who have accused the White House of being reckless at best, and at worst, flat-out lawless kostenlos kindle bücher herunterladen.

The criticism is leaving the Obama administration frustrated and flustered, seemingly unable to get their stories and their facts straight bus simulator vollversion kostenlosen. After all facts, as John Adams once said, are stubborn things.

Here are 5 statements coming out of the White House regarding Bowe Bergdahl, his release, his time served in Afghanistan, and U.S whatsapp herunterladen wie. foreign policy in general, that the administration would probably like to take back.

The 5 biggest White House Lies:


Susan Rice:

Rice Honor and Distinction

Susan Rice:


Rice Confused


Jay Carney:

Carney Bergdahl

Bergdhal POW

Jay Carney:



Susan Rice:

Rice Berdahl

Bergdahl Walked Away

Susan Rice:

Susan Rice Regret


Jay Carney and Susan Rice:

Rice Hostage 2

Carney Hostage

Carney Rice

White House Double Facepalm


President Obama:

Obama Terrorists

President Obama:

Taliban Terrorists

Obama Face Palm

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