A total of 39 out of 62 counties (63%) in the Empire State have already passed, or will be passing resolutions opposing new gun laws via the SAFE Act.  Of those counties, 23 of them have officially passed such resolutions.  Pending resolutions will be worked out in another 16 counties.

Here is a map provided by Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin:

Interestingly, 18 of these counties are considered safely and reliably blue in a heavily Democratic state.

In addition to the 39 counties, McLaughlin’s map lists 11 individual towns that have also passed similar resolutions.

While these resolutions remain largely symbolic, it does put a dent in Governor Cuomo’s narrative that the SAFE Act was something that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support.

A third rally in opposition to the gun laws is being held on February 28th in Albany.