3 Huge Media Outlets Are Already Suffering BIG TIME After Opposing Trump

Sure, just about every major media outlet tried to take down the Trump candidacy and lift up an unqualified candidate in Hillary Clinton, but three of them in particular are already suffering in terms of circulation, memberships, and jobs.

In other words, Donald Trump is already Making American Media Great Again.

Here is a quick rundown of those journalism outlets that have suffered the most:

New York Daily News

The Daily News under Mort Zuckerman has been steadily descending into leftist, tabloid territory – dangerously delusional in their reporting and relentlessly mocking conservative values.

They’ve consistently attacked Second Amendment advocates and the NRA as having ‘blood on their hands’ after every terrorist attack on U.S. soil, proclaiming such things well before the facts had been presented.

During the campaign, they portrayed now President-elect Trump as a clown.

The joke, as they say, is on them, because they have had to report massive declines in circulation.

The News saw newsstand sales crater by 11.4 percent, to 115,923.

The shocking double-digit declines come weeks after the money-losing News ousted Editor-in-Chief Jim Rich after just one year on the job.

The News also reported that circulation via its mobile app tumbled 29.5 percent, to 46,233. The Post’s mobile app circulation jumped 14.2 percent, to 202,422 — pushing total print and digital circulation up 2 percent, to 422,056, and making it the only one of the three papers to record a total circulation gain.

Who’s the clown now?


The battle between Univision and Trump has been wide-ranging, with the Spanish language network opposing the President-elect’s stance on immigration, dumping coverage of his Miss USA Pageant, and Trump firing back with a $500 million lawsuit.

Univision is now paying the price, having to cut jobs and layoff hundreds of employees.

The Spanish-language media giant Univision Communications will lay off almost 6 percent of its workforce — between 200 and 250 people — after it slipped into the red last quarter, the company announced Wednesday.

The layoffs, along with a planned restructuring, “are in response to difficult times, challenging times,” Isaac Lee, Univision’s digital, entertainment and news chief, told The Washington Post in his first public comments on the moves. “We need to position ourselves for the future.”

The future is now, with Trump serving as president at least for the next four years. Will Univision alter their stance on illegal immigration and catch up to the times?


You couldn’t log onto the AOL homepage for the last 8 months without seeing a giant full-screen advertisement supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

Now, like Univision, they are laying off hundreds of employees as well.

AOL will announce layoffs of five percent of its staff today, with 500 employees expected to lose their jobs.

In an interview yesterday, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said that most of the cuts will come in its corporate units, while resources will be shifted more at mobile, video and data offerings going forward.

“The layoffs are related to a 2017 strategy where we will add to our business,” he said. “These are super targeted by area and we will be re-growing especially in video and mobile.”

The American people have had to swallow the real ‘fake news’ being dished out by these media outlets, among many more, for years now. They grew tired of it watching them make up lies about Trump, his supporters, and lies to help Hillary Clinton.

Maybe now some of these places will get the message. We expect more from the media. Try starting with a little truth.

Cross-posted at the Political Insider

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