State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Brooklyn) has raised the ire of leftists who believe that he and a group of other Democrats who broke rank to form the Independent Democratic Conference, and allowed a sharing of power with Republicans, has been a thorn in the side of Governor Cuomo and the progressive agenda ever since samsung galaxy s4 mini tastatur sprache herunterladen.

Today, those leftists had all they could stands, and they couldn’t stands no more.

Via the Times Union:

State Police arrested 21 people on disorderly conduct charges after they protested Tuesday outside the Capitol office of state Sen. Jeff Klein, the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference amazon cloud bilder herunterladen.

The rally began at 1 p.m. at the top of the Western Staircase, where about 200 progressive activists decried the blockade of GENDA, the Dream Act, a hydrofracking moratorium, campaign finance reform and the full 10-point Women’s Equality Act alles was zählt herunterladen. The four-member IDC has been criticized for allowing Republicans to block action on many of those items through a power-sharing deal google chrome herunterladen anleitung.

After hearing from representatives of each issue, the activists — including representatives of Citizen Action, Occupy Albany and more — headed up to Klein’s fourth-floor offices older office versions. Activists locked arms and sat down, blocking two doors into Klein’s suite. Many speeches ensued, as well as chants on the theme of IDC perfidy (“Klein got more clout/We got sold out”) and and Civil Rights songs reworked with an Albany twist (“Ain’t gonna let let Senator Klein turn me around … walking on to freedom land”) csv bestand downloaden ing.

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As per usual, the protesters sole accomplishment was a series of chants which showed off their epic rhyming skills  – because basic chanting at a 3rd grade level is oh so impressive fonts windows 10 for free.

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Fortunately, we here at the Mental Recession have located exclusive footage of the protest outside of Senator Klein’s office, seen below blumenmotive zum kostenlosen herunterladen.


Whoa… Not sure how that slipped in there outlook downloaden pc.  Remind me to fire the video production manager later.

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Anyway, here’s the actual clip (via Capitol Confidential) of the progressive activists protest, which pretty much amounts to the same thing – a group of losers pretending their message trumps all herunterladen.



Ah, the return of the ever-effective “Mic Check” followed by a series of Mother Goose rhymes.

Wait, wait … I can do this too.  Here’s one for you liberals…

It’s hard to hold on to a job – when you keep acting like a knob!
Your movement IS stoppable, shampoo and soap is possible!

See how easy that chanting business is?  Consider that one free for the sharing.

On a serious note, one of those arrested was Citizen Action’s Karen Scharff, a former co-Chair of the Capital District WFP at a time when Democrats were being allowed to commit voter fraud on their ballot line.  Scharff is also a stalwart of the now defunct corrupt organization known as ACORN.

In the end, not everyone was impressed with the activists efforts.

Staten Island Sen. Diane Savino, an IDC member, said the protesters should “grow up.”