Julian Castro, a 2020 candidate for President, suggests that Donald Trump will be prosecuted for a crime, and should that happen under his watch he would not issue a pardon fantasy bücher kostenlos herunterladen.

The longshot Democrat made the statement at a tea cafe in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Castro focused on the investigation of Russian collusion by special counsel Robert Mueller and the southern district of New York investigation into his business dealings audio bücher kostenlos download.

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“I think that the next president is going to … make a decision like this about the president because one of those investigations, whether it’s the Mueller investigation or it’s in the Southern District of New York, is going to present the issue of punishment,” he predicted. “That’s what I believe.”

Will Not Issue a Pardon

Castro’s criminal conspiracy theory sounds like the ramblings of a man who realizes he has no chance of standing out in the 2020 field unless he placates a rabid base that actively dreams of President Trump’s indictment or impeachment fotos aus der clouden.

Castro went on to imply that should Trump be punished for a crime, he would not consider a pardon.

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“I would not be inclined to issue a pardon, because I don’t think that anybody should be above the law,” he said apps über 200 mb downloaden ohne wlan.

Speaking of people who think they’re above the law – Castro worked as an intern at the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency and was once seriously considered as a running mate for Hillary Clinton, two people who embody the concept of being above the law youtube eigene videos herunterladen.

Not a Serious Contender

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Democrats tend to prop Castro up as a serious contender, but he has little chance of emerging from an increasingly crowded field of anti-Trumpers fotos herunterladen iphone 7.

He has baggage.

In 2016, he blatantly broke the law by violating the Hatch Act when he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president as Secretary of HUD wie kann ich videos herunterladen iphone. He also found himself hot water with progressives after his agency promoted a housing policy that sold off delinquent mortgages to hedge funds, essentially handing over the mortgages of struggling people to rich, fat cat bankers zoo tycoon complete collection kostenlos deutsch.

Also in 2016, Bill Clinton asked for Castro to be available as a token Latino for his campaign appearances for wife Hillary. He was so unserious about Castro’s appearances that the famously amorous Clinton wanted him blanketed by “young Latina celeb types.”

Current polling has Castro sitting between 0 and 2 percent in state and national polls wizz air app downloaden.

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