Tucker Carlson to Climate Change Activist: This Interview Is Totally Insane



>> Tucker: Want to save the planet? Don’t have kids. More and more people are coming to that conclusion. The New York teams has profiled the growing group of people who say they are refusing to have children because they don’t want to contribute to global warming. Joseph Palermo is a professor of history at Sacramento state university and he says that the right idea. Thanks for coming on.

>> Thanks for having me, tucker. I need to make something clear before we start. I’m from Sacramento. I have to give a shout out to Anthony Sadler, our student at south stage, who’s playing himself in the new Clint Eastwood movie. He graduated in 2017.

>> Tucker: I just interviewed him! What a great guy he is!

>> We are not indoctrinating the students and telling them to worry about trigger warnings and put structuralism —

>> Tucker: That kid is brave.

>> Go hornets!

>> Tucker: That wasn’t bad. I usuallyha hate that stopper that was a good one.

>> The other thing — I can’t let you.

>> I’m not a scientist, I am a historian.

>> Tucker: I know. Let me ask you this question. Here’s the question. You think that people should have fewer kids because of global warming but all the highest birth rates are in Africa. The top 15, Malawi, Somalia, Burkina Faso. You are telling African women to have fewer kids? That is what you are saying.

>> This is going to put a furlough in your brow, tucker, I’m telling you rightt now. Although I I think that article is legitimate and that it raises some legitimate concerns, it’s really a a dumb article we are talking about because what are wewe going to do, stop reproducing the species? Is not going to happen. We’re going to have children. I don’t believe we should stop having children. I believe we should look to the future and look at with the markets are telling us right now, which is that renewables, solar wind, all of those, the capacity is increasing. They are saying global capacity for renewables and electricity globally by 2020, 2025, is going to be increased by 40%. There is going to be —

>> Tucker: That’s partly true. Wind is a joke but solar is real. Hold on. There are a lot of people out there who are arguing that you shouldn’t have children or you want to limit the number of children you do have because of the Earth and the pressure they put on the Earth. I guess my question is, are you going to take this message to the countries that are having the most children, all of them in sub-saharan Africa, and Jericho, it’s a little antihuman? Isn’t it?

>> I am a historian. I’m telling you, this country has been through that whole thing. It’s called eugenics in the early 20th century. We don’t want to go there. What we want to do is work altogether, people in all the world, to face the global problem. Fox business news on December 20th was urging its readers to think about investing in alternative fuel stocks. I mean, Elon Musk is going to have 100,000 electric semi trucks in the next four years. He wants to produce 100,000 here. He just shot a Tesla into outer space. That is the future. And the stocks are showing that, the markets are showing —

>> Tucker: So what you are saying, the stock market — this is why I love liberals. The stock market is always right. You take a lot of your cues from the stock market? If tobacco stocks go up, his, smoking okay?

PALERMO: I’m just saying, back in the day when Henry Ford was moving the country to automobiles, there weren’t people saying, we’ve got to hang onto the whip and buggy industry, we moved —

CARLSON: A lot of people said that.
PALERMO: Now people moved into electric vehicles, vehicles. We just shot a car into space, man! It was so —

CARLSON: I’m not sure what that means. You are freaking me out a little bit.

PALERMO: We are leaving the 19th century, going into the 20th century.

CARLSON: We are almost out of time and this interview is insane.. Is there anything about the future and technology —

PALERMO: The market has spoken.

>> Tucker: A new liberal position. Is there anything about technology or market that makes you uncomfortable? Are they always good and right?

>> There’s a woman running for governor in Minnesota right now on economic stimulus to tackle climate change. I mean, we are moving forward. This conservative group in Wisconsin, energy form —

>> Tucker: Nothing can go wrong. Technology is always good. It’s moving forward.

>> Tucker: I love you and — I’m not going to tell you that Santa was not real. Thank you, professor. Everything is racist America and

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