$15 Minimum Wage Cost NYC Over 1,000 Restaurants

One News Now reports:

The $15 minimum wage that Leftist politicians pushed through in Seattle and New York City has taken a major toll on many businesses, with the Big Apple losing a devastating 1,000 restaurants – while the popular chain Applebee’s had to fire more than 1,000 servers to accommodate the liberal minimum wage hike there.

Restaurant owners, waiters and waitresses are not the only ones hurt by the progressive policy.

“[L]iberals’ minimum wage demands have done severe damage to Seattle’s and New York’s businesses,” Townhall reported. “Instead of typical servers, [the CEO of Applebee’s New York franchise, Zane Tankel] explained that they will soon be replaced by concierges, who merely check on customers from time to time to make them feel ‘warm and comfortable.’”

Tankel maintains that the far Left-leaning Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) and Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have not only wreaked havoc for businesses and their employees – they have detrimentally affected the dining experiences of countless New Yorkers.

“The model now that we’re heading towards – where we had one server for three or four tables – we’re moving towards one server for 10 tables … eliminating about two-thirds of our labor ultimately,” he explained, according to Townhall. “But it’s because of Cuomo, De Blasio – the liberal agenda.”

The restauranteur maintained that he was forced to make major changes in order for his business to survive.

“If something becomes prohibitively priced, you find an alternative,” Tankel told Newsbusters.“I’ve always said increasing minimum wage is technology’s best friend. We have 1,000 less servers this time this year than we had this time last year.”

The rationale liberals give for the excessive minimum wage hike is that they are helping low wage earners enter the workforce on a higher rung of the income ladder, but many contend that it is making for more economic hardships than helping out.

“[I]f you don’t have a job, $100 an hour doesn’t help you a whole lot, does it?” Tankel posed to Newsbusters.

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